Project NZ21

A pesar de los problemas logísticos ya me informan de que ha llegado entero (tarde, pero entero), así que qué menos que dejar aquí una muestra sosa bidimensional. Por dejar constancia escrita más que nada: ya está donde tenía que estar. El momento es sólo la excusa. Happy birthday to NZ.

Whether it’s night time who croons

its sweetest breezy moan,

or just owls welcoming south wind,

creeping from hole to hole –


joined to the machinery you shall be,

pipes and pumps, bony levers,

distilled and aged stars racing

through a thousand blooming vessels.

In the centre of the maelstrom

(feeding bonfires with shattered ink,

feeding absence with tacit fog,


 twining a timeless song

odd as virtue and old as sin)

trembles a nine-leaf clover,

among the forget-me-nots.

Above the guard on number thirteen.

Above full moon and empty sun.

Above the deep blue distance

impaled by a greenish thorn.


 Because the keyword here is “equal”,

and “equal” means “never being alone”.

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